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Champaign Co. Clerk urges early voting for IL Primary amid election judge shortage

Champaign County's Clerk encourages voters to cast their ballot where ever they can and early in spite of there being an election judge shortage for Illinois Primary.

CHAMPAIGN – In Illinois, the number of people signing up to serve as election judges for the March 19th primary has dropped. As a result, Champaign County will have 15 fewer polling locations available this year.

This decline has raised concerns among officials, including Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons, who fear that fewer election judges could lead to longer lines at polling places.

Speaking with Illinois Public Media’s politics reporter David Pierce, Ammons highlighted that the majority of election judges are older individuals. These judges are increasingly worried about the risks of COVID-19 exposure and the possibility of facing threats given the current political climate.

“Politics is so polarized now,” Ammons said. “Election officials being threatened and followed home. All [matters] of things taking place.”

Despite these challenges, voters in Champaign County will still have access to over 50 voting locations. Ammons advises residents to take advantage of the multiple locations and to vote early.

A full list of Champaign County polling locations is available here.

David Pierce

David Pierce

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