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217 Today: Trans Americans are fleeing to Illinois. Here’s why

November 17, 2023 Today’s headlines: Governor J.B. Pritzker is stepping in with new funding to help Chicago deal with its immigration crisis. Even though it’s been unseasonably warm this week, Illinois Transportation officials say winter weather is coming and they want you to be ready. The Urbana Police hired a consulting firm this year to […]

Trans Americans are fleeing to Illinois. Here’s why:

While Illinois has moved to protect access to gender-affirming care and enshrined civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community overall, four of the five states that border Illinois have all seen a massive rise in bills that target the queer community, especially transgender youth. According to the ACLU’s anti-LGBTQ legislation tracker, Missouri’s state legislature has considered 48 bills in 2023 alone that would negatively impact the queer community in areas ranging from healthcare to education to free speech and expression.