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U of I Autism Program encourages high school students to go to college

Foellinger Auditorium

URBANA – The Autism Program at the University of Illinois continues to provide an online summer camp for prospective students on the autism spectrum.

The I-Ready Summer Camp is a weeklong online experience that encourages and promotes college readiness for students on the autism spectrum.

This is the second year that high school students can enroll in the program and about 30 students took part last year.

Jeannie Kramer is the director of The Autism Program. She said they’re adding an application process for this year’s program.

“We really are interested in students who are planning or are seriously considering going to college,” Kramer says. “So we’re kind of taking a little closer look at their motivation for why they’re coming to camp, which may make the number smaller this year.”

Kramer said services for high school students with autism end when they graduate high school. They have social barriers which could be overwhelming in college.

“So this is to provide an opportunity for them to learn and start thinking about what college is going to be like for them,” Kramer says. “But then also to meet other high schoolers who are interested in college and talk with them about what they know and what they’re interested in.”

She said she hopes this program guides prospective students on the autism spectrum about whether college is the right choice for them.

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