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217 Today: U of I program helps Indigenous tribes take possession of human remains

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Today’s headlines:

  • In a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate this week, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois praised a University of Illinois student for standing up for abortion rights by casting her vote last week.
  • The Illinois House Republicans’ newly elected leader has ideas on how to win more races.
  • Illinois’ major rivers play a crucial role in transporting crops and other commodities. But right now, rivers across the state are facing a drought that is hampering barge traffic.
  • Carbon is the key to life on Earth. But too many carbon emissions have put our planet on the path to unprecedented heat and storms in human history.

In today’s deep dive, we’ll learn about a program at the University of Illinois that helps indigenous tribes take possession of human remains currently stored by the university.

217 Today is produced by Sydney Wood. Reporting today contributed by Lillie Salas, Alex Degman, Luis Velazquez, Reginald Hardwick and Madison Holcomb.

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Sydney Wood

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