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217 Today: Midwest weather experts want to talk about climate change, but they face pushback

Martha Durr poses for a portrait at her house in Lincoln, Nebraska. Earlier this month, she stepped away as the state's principal communicator of climate information. "It gets draining over time," she said. "Part of me thought 'I'm saying the same message, and things aren't happening at the rate they should be.'"

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Today’s headlines: 

  • Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is commending the city of Chicago for handling what he calls an “unmanageable” influx of asylum seekers.
  • Candidates for next year’s elections lined up in Springfield Monday to turn in petitions to get on the 2024 ballot in Illinois. 
  • A new poll ranks the I-90/94 corridor through Chicago as the ninth “Most Loathed” adjoining interstate in the U.S.

In today’s deep dive, we’ll learn about the tough conditions facing climate science communicators.

Reporting today contributed by Mawa Iqbal and Elizabeth Rembert.

Farrah Anderson

Farrah Anderson

Farrah Anderson is a student at the University of Illinois studying journalism. At Illinois Public Media, Anderson works as a general assignment reporter and produces and hosts the 217 Today podcast.

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