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Abortion and COVID-19 are among the many dividing lines for 13th Congressional candidates

URBANA — The two women running for Congress to represent Illinois’ 13th Congressional District differ in their approaches to abortion, the COVID-19 pandemic and more.  Republican candidate Regan Deering and Democratic candidate Nikki Budzinski highlighted their differences on Thursday night during a debate hosted by Illinois Public Media, WAND News and the League of Women […]

Pride Fest celebrates C-U’s LGBTQ+ members, unites community

URBANA – For Uniting Pride board members and city residents, the organization’s annual Pride Fest provided an important safe space in the community for its LGBTQ+ members.  This year’s week-long Pride Fest lasted from Sept. 24 to Oct 2, with programming featuring nearly 20 events, including a Pride parade and vendor’s fair on Oct. 1.  […]

Watch Live: 13th Congressional Debate – Budzinski vs. Deering

URBANA – On Thursday night, two political newcomers prepared to debate and tell the voters why they should represent the newly drawn 13th congressional district. The Democratic candidate is Nikki Budzinski. She is a former aide in both the administrations of Governor JB Pritzker and President Joe Biden.  Republican Regan Deering is a former educator […]

Truth Test: Does gun control not work?

CHAMPAIGN — In an exclusive interview with Illinois Public Media, Republican Regan Deering, the 13th congressional district candidate, made this claim: “I do think that unfortunately, a lot of the communities that are experiencing gun violence across the country do have very strict gun laws on the books.” “Correlation is not causation,” Dr. John Jackson, […]

The challenge of finding abortion care when laws can change day to day

LOUISVILLE, Kent. — At the Kentucky Health Justice Network, calls have doubled over the past several months – up to 50 a week. The organization advocates for abortion access and provides financial support and guidance to people seeking care. https://cpa.ds.npr.org/s4780019/audio/2022/10/abortionaccess-feature-web.mp3 Listen to this story here. Director Erin Smith said lately, the organization has been focused […]