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In one southern Illinois town, residents grapple with abortion’s past and future

https://cpa.ds.npr.org/s278/audio/2022/08/0804-abortion-bm-web.wav CARBONDALE, Ill. — Addison Pesek sits on the curb of a 1950s-era Dairy Queen, the small ice cream shop’s neon glow washing over her and her family on a recent summer evening. Dozens of local residents wait in line to order from the Carbondale staple as the 22-year-old enjoys a cup of ice cream […]

At CPAC, Rep. Mary Miller backs controversial bills, impacting LGBTQ community

While addressing CPAC, one of the largest conservative conferences in the nation, Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-Oakland) defended her 2021 bill, “Safety and Opportunity for Girls Act.”  She described it as having two benefits: “To ensure that our girls have opportunities in athletics, and that we protect our girls in their private spaces.” Nikita Shepard […]

Providing free rides could help people in addiction recovery

CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — Charmin Gabbard cares deeply about people struggling with addiction because it’s a struggle she can relate to. In her 20s, Gabbard had three DUIs in five years. Two of those violations resulted in prison sentences. She was eager to turn her life around. https://cpa.ds.npr.org/s4780019/audio/2022/08/transportationsud-web.mp3 Listen to this story here. But when she […]

217 Today: Providing free rides could help people in addiction recovery

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Today’s headlines: The FBI’s seizure of material from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home is becoming an issue in the Illinois governor’s race. Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, says he was “stunned” by Monday’s news that federal agents had raided the home of former President Donald Trump. Just a few days […]